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The monthly grants program helps nonprofit groups bring to life opportunities to strengthen their communities.

Eligible community groups and individuals can apply for $250 to $1500 per financial year for projects that meet the criteria and eligibility requirements. In a recent change, this can be a combination of in-kind and grant funding of up to $1,500 per financial year, or some groups can have more than one project of up to $1,500 throughout the year. This enables fair access between groups and organisations in the Yarra Ranges.

Council monthly grants open monthly (except in December) and close on the last day of each month. Applicants will be notified of assessment results approximately four weeks after the closing date of the round.

Please note – No retrospective financing is provided – If the event occurs during the month the grant is applied for, it is considered retroactive. We encourage submitting the application at least 2 months before your activity or event occurs.

Monthly Grant Categories

Applications that promote a healthy and connected community will be considered in the following categories:

  • Connected and vibrant communities (up to $1500)
  • Nonprofit Business and Merchant Group Grants (up to $1500)
  • Youth Path (up to $250)
  • Participation in youth sports:
    – Individual (up to $250)
    – Teams and incorporated sports clubs (up to $500)
  • In-kind – Council waste management (upto 30 bins)
  • In kind – council space rent (up to $300)

Financing is provided on a competitive basis.


The following critical requirements represent the cornerstone for the projects success.

The following eligibility requirements must be met:

  • The recipient organisation must be a non-profit community group/organisation, a registered charity or a not-for-profit organisation. Groups do not need an ABN to apply, although they are strongly encouraged to do so (Applying for an ABN | ABR,
  • Community groups that are not incorporated will need to have their application approved by a qualifying incorporated organisation through a conservation agreement*.
  • Arts groups and individual artists that are not incorporated must have their application approved by a qualifying incorporated organisation (as defined above).
  • The projects must be located within the Yara Range and must deliver all outcomes within the Yara Range.
  • Projects must have appropriate public liability insurance that covers the duration of the project. If the organisation/individual does not have public liability insurance at the time of application, a funding condition will be added that they must provide evidence of insurance cover before the grant can be paid.
  • Public liability insurance requirements do not apply to the Sports Participation or Youth Pathways categories, where sport and conservation organisations already have this insurance. Applicants must confirm this.
  • Monthly grant applications relating to other existing Yarra Ranges Council grants (such as annual or partnership projects) will be assessed based on the following criteria. Additional funding May Will be approved if:

  • A single activity or project with a specific budget that is not funded as part of an annual grant project.
  • A project that will add value to the original project or event.
  • Does not replicate elements of the original project or event.
  • The evaluation panel recommended application for an annual grant, as the project had not received full funding and the monthly grant programme was an appropriate way to support the unfunded components of the project.

  • Small equipment, maintenance and materials. Applications that are solely for the purpose of purchasing equipment or materials, such as art supplies, BBQ for fundraising, will be limited to $500.
  • Schools can apply for the following:

  • Projects/activities that have wider community benefits (promoting social inclusion outcomes beyond the school community).
  • Projects which are not the core business of the schools.
  • in-kind waste and/or venue hire for events.
  • Events or activities that raise funds for the school (the maximum amount will be $500).

  • Dedicated fundraising events can apply for up to $500 and must demonstrate how the fundraising effort will meet the criteria for social inclusion in the community.


  • A program that is the responsibility of the state or federal governments.
  • Activities that take place outside the Yarra Ranges, excluding the Sports Participation and Youth Pathways categories.
  • New building, capital works or facility maintenance work. Smaller works may be considered for up to 50% of the project budget – if the project clearly aligns with the program objectives.
  • Ongoing staff salaries or administrative costs.
  • Projects that are part of core school curriculum activities, and school-based projects that do not involve the wider community.
  • Camps or overnight activities involving children or young people under the age of 18.
  • Projects with the sole aim of promoting religion.
  • Applications from political parties or political organisations.
  • Training, study or academic research here or abroad.
  • Applications to attend forums, workshops and conferences only, excluding Youth Pathways.
  • Retroactive funding of projects. Applicants must submit their application before the event or activity takes place. Please note that the activity or event must not take place before the closing of the grant round or the evaluation deadline.
  • Granting subsidies for the continued or regular use of the Council’s hall or facilities.
  • Purchase of liquor.
  • Purchase/hire of rides (including inflatables).
  • Purchase of prizes, trophies and competitions.

Please be aware that it can take up to six weeks (from the closing of each round) for funds to be distributed to successful applicants. We recommend applying for grants at least Two months before your project/event.

Key dates and deadlines

The monthly grant program runs on a monthly basis. Applications are evaluated quickly, and take up to four weeks. The estimated time is given below:

  • The round ends on the last calendar day of each month.
  • Evaluation – three to four weeks from round completion.
  • Notification – Four weeks after the closing date.
  • Payment- Two weeks after notification.

Activities must be conducted only after the grant has been received.

Applications may be submitted in advance.

Applications cannot be submitted after the programme or activity has ended.

Please note, applications for monthly grants are not opened in December every year.

2024 Monthly Grant Recipients

To view our most recent monthly grant recipients for 2024 please visit:

Monthly Grant Recipients

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* Members of the Dandenong Ranges Music Council, pictured above, received grants in 2018.

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