Deputy Australian Statistician, Data and Statistical Practice Group, SES Band 3, Australian Bureau of Statistics

We are looking for an established and inspiring senior leader from the public, private or community sector to join our Executive Leadership Group.

A vacancy exists for the Deputy Australian Statistician of the ABS’s Data and Statistical Practice Group. This role reports to the Australian Statistician. You will have four direct reporters, leading over 1,100 staff located across Australia (we have offices in every capital city and Geelong). You will be responsible for a range of tasks: sourcing the data we use to produce statistics and insights; developing new ways to work with data to produce statistics; making data available to users through multiple channels; and developing and managing critical statistical infrastructure. This role also leads the ABS’s significant contribution to governing and advancing the broader APS data ecosystem and leads ABS international engagement.

You will also lead significant change across key aspects of ABS work, including modernising how we capture data from households and businesses to deliver a contemporary digital-first experience, and how we produce key statistics on household income, assets and expenditure.

As a SES Band 3 Officer, you are responsible for contributing to the leadership of the ABS through active participation in executive decision making, representative activities and working collaboratively to provide strategic leadership and advance a culture of high performance. You will work with the Australian Statistician and other Deputy Australian Statisticians who form the Executive Board, providing executive leadership for the ABS. In addition, you will set and lead the strategic direction for your part of the business.

Your qualities, experience and skills

We will assess you based on your qualifications:

  • Bring your high level statistical and data knowledge and experience to the leadership of your group and consider the strategic opportunities and challenges facing ABS
  • Lead change, manage risks, and drive innovation
  • Lead people, drive high performance, and build capability
  • Demonstrate conceptual and analytical skills, strategic thinking, and sound judgment
  • Accomplish work in an environment that involves commitment to deadlines and quality
  • Ability to effectively engage with customers and design solutions with the customer at the core
  • Understanding and responding to the changing data and technology landscape
  • Understanding the implications of government priorities for ABS.

Knowledge in data and statistics and senior leadership experience, preferably in a government setting, is required for this position.

how to apply

This process is being managed by the Executive Intelligence Group on behalf of the ABS.

To apply, fill out the online application form. Please note the job reference number is 934.

Your application must include a CV and statement of claims (a brief ‘pitch’ of no more than 1,000 words). Your pitch must mention the qualities, experience and skills listed above and tell us why you are the ideal person for this role and ABS. Please include specific examples and achievements that demonstrate your ability to perform this role.

In addition to submitting your CV and statement of claim (or ‘pitch’), you’ll also need to fill out a few other details:
Our online application form includes additional fields. These include areas such as key areas of expertise, key accomplishments, staff management, and budget management.

Applications close on Thursday 18 July 2024 at 11:30pm AEST.

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