DU to soon start courses in Vedic literature, Dharma and Religion

Introduction to Vedic Literature, Introduction to Upanishads, Dharma and Religion are among the options that the Centre for Hindu Studies of Delhi University plans to offer as minor electives to its students. To expand its curriculum and provide a wider range of options to students, the department has proposed to introduce six new elective papers for students who wish to specialise in Hindu studies and is awaiting their approval from the academic council of the university.

The Academic Council of Delhi University is scheduled to meet on July 12. These additional subjects have been proposed based on the recommendations of the governing body of the Centre for Hindu Studies. Apart from the syllabus approved by the UGC, the Centre for Hindu Studies is now planning to offer more options to students by introducing research papers on various aspects of Hinduism, an official said.

These will also include papers on Bhagavad Gita, Hindu thinkers and Puranas introduction to humanity. Students who do not wish to study commerce, political science or computer science as a secondary optional subject along with the main subject can avail these options.

“We have proposed these electives to make our curriculum more comprehensive and to suit the needs of students. As a relatively new institute, our endeavour is to make our programmes all-round,” the official said. Under Introduction to Vedic Literature, students will learn about the literary works of major Vedic and Upanishadic commentators, from the Rig Veda to the Vedangas.

The study objectives for the proposed optional subjects state, “The aim of the Hindu Thinkers paper is to acquaint students with the major ideas of eminent Hindu thinkers of ancient and modern times. Further, the Dharma and Religion paper will introduce and develop the basic concepts of Hindu spirituality and religion, and compare them with Western religious traditions.”

The optional paper on Upanishad Introduction will introduce core Hinduism as analysed in the Upanishads. The Bhagavad Gita for Humanity optional paper will introduce students to core Indian spirituality as depicted in the Bhagavad Gita, and the Puranas Introduction paper will cover Hindu history, culture, geography, architecture and other knowledge systems.

The centre also plans to introduce two general elective courses for students who do not major in Hindu studies but who have opted for commerce, political science or computer science as their core subjects. These students will be given papers on Hindu philosophy of life and psychology to introduce them to Hindu studies. Additionally, the centre plans to introduce six new interdisciplinary elective courses exclusively for political science students.

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