NEET UG 2024 controversy: NTA refutes claims of unfairness in Physics question with two answers

In a recent development, the National Testing Agency (NTA) has dismissed allegations of a Physics question in the NEET-UG 2024 exam having two correct options, saying it has not adversely affected the candidates.

According to Live Law, the NTA termed the challenge to the exam as baseless and cited the information bulletin, which clearly states the marking scheme for questions with multiple correct options.

Amid the ongoing controversy over NEET UG 2024, a petition filed in the apex court raised concerns over a question being considered ambiguous as it had two correct answers. A candidate argued that he did not attempt the question to avoid negative marking, contrary to the guidelines given by the NTA. As a result, the exam result was sought to be rectified and re-issued based on the revised marks.

However, the NTA stuck to its stand and highlighted the prior announcement about such scenarios in the information bulletin. The agency emphasised that the marking policy was applied consistently in previous exams as well, thereby dismissing the claims of the candidates.

The question is this:

Statement I: “Atoms are electrically neutral because they have equal number of positive and negative charges.”

Statement II: “The atoms of each element are stable and emit their own characteristic spectrum.”

Based on the above two statements, choose the correct option from the following:

(a) The first is correct but the second is wrong;

(b) The first is wrong but the second is correct;

(c) Both the first and the second statements are correct;

(d) Both the statements are wrong.

Marking Explanation

Now when the answer key was released, option (a) was shown as the correct answer on the NEET website. However, many students challenged the answer key based on the information given in the earlier version of NCERT, according to which both the statements were correct.

So, based on this logic, NTA awarded grace marks to students who had chosen option (c) as their answer. So, these 44 students, who should have ideally scored 715 out of 720, got a perfect score of 720.

Expert analysis concluded that two options should be considered correct instead of one, which supports the NTA’s decision.

On the other hand, NEET UG counseling which was to start today i.e. July 6, has been postponed by NTA till further notice.

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