SCO Summit 2024

SCO Summit 2024

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Why in discussion?

Recently 2024 Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) meeting was completed in Astana, Kazakhstan and brought together leaders from across the region.

  • India played a major role in this, in which foreign Minister of Affairs The Prime Minister’s message said, Combatting terrorism and addressed Climate change as key priorities.


The People’s Republic of China will assume the chairmanship of the SCO for the next term and Qingdao, China will be appointed the SCO Tourism and Cultural Capital for 2024–2025.

What are the key highlights of SCO Summit 2024?

  • New membership: Belarus has been made 10th member state Indian Foreign Minister met his Belarusian counterpart to strengthen bilateral ties between the SCO member states.
  • Astana Declaration: Adopted at the SCO Summit in Astana Astana Declaration And approved 25 strategic agreements on energy, security, trade, finance and information security.

    • The Council of Heads of State and Member States of the SCO adopted the following: SCO Development Strategy until 2035, with resolutions terrorism, separatism and extremism, counter-drug strategy, energy cooperation, economic development, and cooperation in protected areas and ecotourism,
    • The commitments also included signing an agreement Memorandum for struggle Illicit drug trafficking and a negotiation plan on international information security issues.

  • India China relations: India’s Foreign Minister met the Chinese Foreign Minister on the sidelines of the SCO Summit in Astana, Kazakhstan. The two ministers stressed the need to enhance cooperation between the two countries. “Complete withdrawal” of troops and restoration of peace on the border Line of Actual Control (LAC).
  • Make in India and Global Economic Growth: ‘Make in India’ The initiative was highlighted as having the potential to become a significant engine for global economic growth.

    • India clarified its stance to partner with other countries, especially those of the Global South, for capacity building and economic development.

  • Combatting terrorism: At the SCO summit, India’s foreign minister urged the global community to Isolating countries that harbour terrorists and promote terrorism.

    • He stressed the need for counter Cross-border terrorism And highlighted the importance of combating terrorism as a fundamental goal of the SCO.
    • India has been active in enhancing its security-related cooperation within the SCO framework, especially through the United Nations Security Council. Regional Anti-Terrorist Structure (RATS), Which focuses on security and defense issues.
    • The Russian President stressed the role of SCO in promoting bilateral relations. Fair, multipolar world order,

What is the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation?

  • Produce: Origin of SCO The “Shanghai Five” Formed in 1996, this organisation includes China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

    • It was created to address Concerns about extremist religious groups and ethnic tensions After the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991.

  • Establishment: SCO was established on 15 September June 2001, in Shanghai, adding Uzbekistan is the sixth member.

    • Before Belarus joined, It had nine members: India, Iran, Kazakhstan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.
    • Afghanistan and Mongolia have observer status,

  • Importance: Addresses security issues in Asia, primarily with Asian members.

    • The SCO is important because it Few international organizations focus on security issues And it consists mainly of Asian members.

      • Russia and China see this as an option. The “Western” international order and arming themselves against American influence, BRICS Group and attempting to balance American influence.

    • The SCO represents 40% of the world’s population and its member countries contribute around US$23 trillion to the global GDP.

  • Relevance of SCO for India,

    • Regional Cooperation: SCO membership provides India with an opportunity to enhance cooperation with Central Asian countries, which have improved relations since its formation in 1991. It facilitates communication with key regional stakeholders on shared security issues.
    • Anti-terrorism efforts: RATS is an important permanent structure within the SCO. It has helped countries like India conduct counter-terrorism exercises, intelligence analysis and share information on terrorist activities and drug trafficking.

  • Challenges for India: SCO membership will enhance regional engagement, but challenges in managing bilateral relations will persist, impacting bilateral ties. India’s participation and stance on initiatives such as Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

    • India faces many challenges in the SCO, including balancing relations with other countries. China and Russia, addressing regional security concerns, Relations with Pakistan, Ensuring economic benefits, maintaining strategic autonomy, dealing with the sovereignty issue and increasing bilateral trade with SCO countries.

Drishti Mains Question:

Why. Describe the role of SCO in addressing security challenges in Asia and its impact on regional stability.

UPSC Civil Services Exam Previous Years Questions (PYQs)


Why. Critically examine the goals and objectives of SCO. What is its significance for India? (2021)

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