Transfer of Delhi government school teachers will not affect studies –

The Delhi Directorate of Education (DEL) has recently issued a circular asking government school teachers who have completed 10 years in a particular school to apply online for transfer. If a teacher does not apply online, he or she will be transferred to any school as per the official requirement.

The circular said, “All the teachers who have completed 10 continuous years in the same school must compulsorily apply online through this circular for transfer by selecting maximum number of schools on mutual consent or on general basis. For those teachers who do not apply online through this circular, the headquarters itself will transfer them to any school as per official requirement.”

Academics say the policy will lead to a shortage of experienced teachers, which will affect the relationship between teachers and students. A senior government teacher, on the condition of anonymity, says, “The National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 does not recommend frequent transfers as it has a negative impact on the education system. There has been no study that shows that long-serving teachers hamper studies. Rather, such teachers often hamper studies. Teachers develop a deep understanding of their students’ needs, strengths, and weaknesses. Disruptions in these relationships can impede students’ learning and development,

Response from stakeholders
Highlighting that stakeholders were not involved before bringing in the directive, he says, “Teachers are not involved in any administrative dealings, and their long tenure does not equate to corruption. The newly introduced policy is a result of the ongoing tussle between the Delhi LG and the elected government, and teachers and students are being made scapegoats.”

He said, “The Post Fixation Cell (PFC) of DLE releases the list on the basis of last year’s student strength. This shows the teacher-student ratio. If a school has more teachers, they are sent to schools with lesser numbers, so that the balance is maintained. DLE has made a big mistake by releasing the transfer policy order even before releasing the PFC list. Now if transfers are done in July and the PFC list is released after that, there is a possibility that the number of teachers may be more. Later, to correct the imbalance, teachers will have to be transferred again, which will have a negative impact on the academic session and studies of the students.”

Guidance Teacher
He said that in cases where the teaching level is not good, mentor teachers trained abroad should be posted in such schools instead of transferring teachers. “Mentor teachers have been trained to lead students towards excellence. This will make the education system sustainable in the long run,” he said. He further said, “The new directive will not bring any visible or qualitative change in the education system.
This policy will encourage corruption as teachers may resort to unethical means to retain their positions,

Meanwhile, Ajay Veer Yadav, general secretary of the Government School Teachers Association (GSTA), says, “We met officials of the directorate, who assured us that the directive will be made optional, such that if a teacher gets a mutual option, he or she can opt for it; however, the guidelines of the order will not be made mandatory.”

“Teachers posted in the same school for a long time have a lot of experience and understanding of the field, which leads to better teaching practices. Teachers also get acquainted with students and their parents, which helps them nurture students more effectively,” says Yadav.

A senior former government official says, “For a long time, a transfer policy was in place under which teachers seeking transfer for various reasons could apply online at the beginning of the academic session. Principals also have the power to recommend teachers on administrative grounds. However, this is the first time that a 10-year clause has been introduced. DHe I The government has changed the established transfer policy without consulting any of the key stakeholders. They did not even take approval from the education minister before issuing the circular. The minister expressed displeasure and asked the department to withdraw this section and not forcibly transfer teachers.”

The official said, “This directive has come from a purely administrative mindset. However, school is not an administrative place but an educational place. There is no valid reason to transfer teachers who have completed 10 years. It takes time for an understanding to develop between a teacher and a student; the bond is bound to break with the implementation of this directive. This decision of the directorate will not improve performance. If a teacher is not performing well, he or she can be transferred on administrative grounds; however, the provision of 10 years is not practical.”

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