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RRB Group D Exam 2022 Static GK practice Set 06 : Important among the top boards of India Indian Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) has started the recruitment process for Group D posts, this exam will be conducted from 17 August to 25 August 2022 and there is a provision to complete this exam in several stages. It is worth mentioning that now the candidate will have to appear in only one exam and on the basis of that all the candidates will be shortlisted.

Today we have come up with the answers to the important Static GK questions asked in the previous examinations for all the candidates going to appear in the Railway Group D exam and these questions will prove to be very important questions from the examination point of view. In such a situation, candidates must study these questions for their better results and to get good marks in the examination.

RRB Group D Exam 2022 Static GK practice Set 06
RRB Group D Exam 2022 Static GK practice Set 06

RRB Group D Exam 2022 Static GK practice Set 06 (25 MCQs)

Question. It is a semiconductor.

Answer: 4

Question. The electronic configuration of the four elements is given below, which of the following will be more electro negative?

  • S(2, 8, 6)
  • P(2, 8, 5)
  • CI (2, 8, 7)
  • Al(2, 8, 3)

Answer: 3

Question. If two charged objects of equal potential are connected by a wire, then

  • electricity flows from negative to positive
  • electricity will not flow
  • Electricity flows from positive to negative.
  • magnetic flux

Answer: 2

Question: The law of definite proportions is quoted by ……….

  • levoisier
  • democritus
  • John Dalton
  • Proust

Answer: 4

Question. The absolute refractive index of diamond is ……….

Answer: 2

Question. n = is the number of rotations made by the wheel of a bus to cover a distance of 99 km. If the diameter of the wheel is 63 cm, then what is the value of n?

Answer 1

Question. A shop uses 250 units of energy in a month. How much energy was used in joules?

  • 9 × (10)7 J
  • 9 x(10)-8 J
  • 9 × (10)–7 J
  • 9 x (10)8 J

Answer: 4

Question. An object travels 25m in 4s and then 15m in 25s. What is the average speed of the object?

  • 6.67 ms-1
  • 6.67ms1
  • 6.67 s-1
  • 6.67m

Answer 1

Question. An object of mass 10 kg is moving with a velocity of 2ms-2. The momentum contained in the object is ………..

  • 5 kgms¹
  • 20kgms-1
  • 5kgms-1
  • 20 kgms¹

Answer: 2

Question. In which field Usha Uthup of West Bengal has received Padma Shri award?

  • Literature
  • art
  • Theater
  • social welfare work

Answer: 2

Question. An object of mass 200g, with 10J of kinetic energy, will have momentum:

  • 3 kg m/s
  • 0.33kgm/s
  • 2kgm/s
  • 5 kg m/s

Answer: 3

Question. When elements are arranged in increasing order of their atomic weights, the atomic mass of the middle element is approximately the average of the atomic masses of the other two elements.

  • Newton’s first law
  • According to Mendeleev’s law
  • Dobereiner’s law of triples
  • Newland’s law of octet

Answer: 3

Question. Eka silicon is known as…….

  • silicone
  • aluminum
  • gallium
  • germanium

Answer: 4

Question. Compression and rarefaction arise due to the difference of the following:

  • air pressure
  • magnetic difference
  • Refraction of ray
  • temperature difference

Answer 1

Question. An object travels 15m in 4s and then 16m in 35s. What is the average speed of the object?

  • 5.17 ms-1
  • 4.43ms-1
  • 6.17ms-1
  • 5.00 s-1

Answer: 2

Question. Which of the following group produces exposed seeds?

  • angiosperm
  • angiosperms
  • Thallophyta
  • bryophyta

Answer 1

Question. How much cash amount is given to Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna awardee?

  • 7.5 lakh
  • 10 lakh
  • 7 lakh
  • 25 lakh

Answer 1

Question. An object with a mass of 20 kg and a gravity of 10 Nkg-1 has a potential energy of 400 J. The height of the object is:

Answer: 3

Question. Who constitutes the electoral college which elects the President of India?

  • head of parliament
  • Elected Members of Parliament and State Legislatures
  • former President
  • Governor

Answer: 2

Question. If the number of chromosomes in humans is 16, then how many chromosomes are present in the somatic cells of humans?

Answer 1

Question. The units of filtration of human kidney are called.

  • neurons
  • Neutrons
  • nephrons
  • protons

Answer: 3

Question. What is the valency of copper in cuprous oxide?

Answer: 3

Question. An element with atomic number 16 is present in the periodic table of the periodic table.

Answer: 4

Question. The second equation of motion gives the relationship between 4th and time.

  • Impulse
  • acceleration
  • Situation
  • velocity

Answer: 3

Question. India is the most populous country in the world.

  • another
  • first
  • third
  • fourth

Answer: ?

What would be the correct answer to this question? Do give us your answer in the comment section.

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