With the Corona crisis, companies have now begun wage increases, postponing pay cuts. Big companies such as Walt Disney, General Motors, Occidental Petroleum and Yelp, which are among the major US companies, have indicated this. This has been said in a report. The report says that companies have started offering bonuses and promotions along with salary increases.

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According to the report, this is a sign of the economy slowly picking up. However, it also states that there is talk of giving increment and bonus in some areas. On the other hand, the hotel and tourism industry is still forced to face layoffs. In this country also, 1560 listed companies have increased their salary by 2.9%, which is the lowest level in 18 years.

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More insecurity about jobs and income in metros during the Corona period

According to a survey, people living in metros are more concerned about their job security, steady income than people living in Tier-I cities. The survey is conducted by data and consulting companies Max Life Insurance and Kantar. According to this survey conducted on digitally active and affluent consumers during the Corona crisis, urban Indians find themselves insecure despite having better knowledge of insurance products.

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It was found that people in metros have more insecurity than people in Tier-I cities. They worry more about jobs and income, as well as insufficient funds in case of serious illness and increasing day-to-day medical expenses. This has been said in a report called India Protection Quotient Express: Kovid-19 Edition.


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