RRB Group D Exam 2022 Static GK Practice Set 21

RRB Group D Exam 2022 Static GK Practice Set 21 : Important among the top boards of India Indian Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) has started the recruitment process for Group D posts, this exam will be conducted from 17 August to 25 August 2022 and there is a provision to complete this exam in several stages. It is worth mentioning that now the candidate will have to appear in only one exam and on the basis of that all the candidates will be shortlisted.

Today we have come up with the answers to the important Static GK questions asked in the previous examinations for all the candidates going to appear in the Railway Group D exam and these questions will prove to be very important questions from the examination point of view. In such a situation, candidates must study these questions for their better results and to get good marks in the examination.

RRB Group D Exam 2022 Static GK Practice Set 21
RRB Group D Exam 2022 Static GK Practice Set 21

RRB Group D Exam 2022 Static GK Practice Set 21 (25 Important Questions)

Question. Which of the following is the unit of force?

  • pascal
  • jul
  • Watt
  • newton

Answer: 4

Question. What is the junction between the latitudinal end of a nerve cell and the dendritic cell of another nerve cell called?

  • mode of rainwear
  • synaptic cleft
  • synapse
  • neuron

Answer: 3

Question. , The state animal of Haryana is

  • But
  • black buck
  • rhinoceros
  • Bull

Answer: 2

Question. Ce-58 is a member of the ……….. block of elements.

Answer: 3

Question. Which of the following are mechanical waves?

  • sound waves
  • radio waves
  • micro waves
  • x rays

Answer 1

Question. The seeds of which of the following plants have two cotyledons?

  • Ulva
  • wide
  • Cedar
  • handwritten

Answer: 4

Question. Tissue is formed by the combination of dead cells.

  • sclerenchyma
  • parenchyma
  • collenchyma
  • aerenchyma

Answer 1

Question. When an acid reacts with a metal oxide and reacts with it as a product, …..

  • jhar, water
  • Jhar, Acid
  • acid, water
  • salt, water

Answer: 4

Question. The strong has the same relation to the weak as the loose is to …….

  • swim
  • drowning
  • run or stir
  • jump

Answer: 3

Question. Which of the following inert gas has only two electrons in its outermost shell?

  • neon
  • krypton
  • helium
  • argon

Answer: 3

Question. The number of isomers is the same.

  • nucleus
  • electron
  • ion
  • proton

Answer 1

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Question. Lime reacts with chlorine to form what?

  • plaster of Paris
  • Baking soda
  • baking powder
  • bleaching powder

Answer: 4

Question. Which is the largest producer of Manganese in India?

Answer: 2

Question. Where is the famous Pinjore Garden located?

Answer: 4

Question. Silver chloride is stored in a dark bottle:

  • to avoid contact with air
  • to react with oxygen
  • to add color to sunlight
  • To avoid the reaction of sunlight

Answer: 4

Question. The English traveler William Hawkins visited India during the reign of

  • Jahangir
  • Ashoka
  • Chandragupta
  • Bahadur Shah

Answer 1

Question. Which of the following animals does not produce infrasound?

  • rhinoceros
  • whalea
  • dolphin
  • elephant

Answer: 3

Question. The Theater was an initiative by the famous Greek director of the Olympics, an international festival.

  • alexis damianus
  • konstein guianaris
  • Theodoros Terzopoulos
  • theo angelopoulos

Answer: 3

Question. The transmission of sound is possible only if

  • Vacuum
  • refraction
  • reflection
  • Channel

Answer: 4

Question. What is related to ‘Hair’ in the same way as ‘Button to shirt’?

  • army
  • Spa
  • clip
  • comb

Answer: 3

Question. Which of the following can tolerate the flow of a mixture of rich and deoxygenated blood?

  • fish
  • rabbit
  • Pigeon
  • frog

Answer: 4

Question. Natural vegetative reproduction is not found in

  • bryophyllum
  • Mustard
  • banana
  • Sweet potato

Answer: 2

Question. What is the force exerted by a charged body on another charged body called?

  • gravitational force
  • Frictional force
  • electrostatic
  • centripetal force

Answer: 3

Question. The number of atoms that make up a molecule is called:

  • connectivity
  • normality
  • Molarity (gram molecularity)
  • atomicity

Answer: 4

Question. Satyagraha is the real name of the ashram.

  • Gandhidham Ashram
  • non-violence ashram
  • Dandi Ashram
  • Sabarmati Ashram

Answer : ?

What would be the correct answer to this question? Do give us your answer in the comment section.

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