RRB Group D Exam | Important questions based on ancient history of India can be asked in the upcoming shift

Ancient History Related Questions for RRB Group D Exam : Indian Railway Recruitment Board will conduct the first phase examination of Railway Group D from August 17 to August 25 and the second phase examination will run from August 26 to September 8. If you also want to do government job in railway and are going to appear in this exam.

So here we have come up with important questions based on ancient history, which are going to be very useful for you in the exam, you must study these questions before appearing in the exam so that you can get good marks in the exam. .

Ancient History Related Questions for RRB Group D Exam
Ancient History Related Questions for RRB Group D Exam

Ancient History Related Questions for RRB Group D Exam

Question. Which foreign traveler first visited India?

  • huansang
  • megasthenes
  • itsing
  • Fahya

Answer: 2

Question. Which of the following was not a center of learning in ancient India?

  • Takshshila
  • Vikramshila
  • Nalanda
  • koshambi

Answer: 4

Question. The megalithic culture (1500 BC-1000 BC) introduces us to the historical era of South India, when the megaliths were used in

  • stone weapons
  • stone tools and equipment
  • mausoleums (graves) surrounded by large stones
  • stoneware

Answer: 3

Question. Which book has been translated into 15 Indian and 40 foreign languages?

  • preaching
  • Abhigyan Shakuntalam
  • Panchatantra
  • the story ocean

Answer: 3

Question. Which of the following was the capital of the Assakas?

  • Potana or Potali or Podan (modern Maharashtra)
  • Mahissati (Mahishamati in Sanskrit)
  • Chhedi, Chheti in West Bundelkhand
  • none of the above

Answer 1

Question. Who was the founder of Gupta Empire?

  • ocean secret
  • Kumar Gupta
  • Ghatotkach Secret
  • Shrigupta

Answer: 4

Question. Select the wrong statement:-

  • Lothal was a port.
  • Ranganatha Rao explored many places.
  • Yajurveda is based on Yagya etc.
  • The Yajurveda describes the battle of Dasharaja.

Answer: 4

Question. What were the judicial officers called during the Satavahana dynasty?

  • amatya
  • statehood
  • Feast
  • gammic

Answer: 2

Question.Who among the following allowed King Meghavarman of Sri Lanka to build a monastery in Bodh Gaya-

  • Chandra Gupta Mourya
  • Samudragupta
  • Ashoka
  • Kanishk

Answer: 2

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Question. Who was the founder of Pala dynasty?

  • Gopal
  • Yashpal
  • Dharmapala
  • Mahipal

Answer 1

Question. Who protected the kingdom from the invasion of the Huns?

  • Samudragupta
  • Skandagupta
  • Kumaragupta
  • Buddhagupta

Answer: 2

Question. Which one of the following is not considered to be the cause of the decline of the Indus Valley Civilization?

  • Repetition of floods and drying up of rivers due to strange climate.
  • Decreased soil fertility due to over-exploitation of resources.
  • Invasion by Aryans with better fighting skills and weapons.
  • All of the above are possible theories for the decline of the Harappan culture.

Answer: 4

Question. Consider the following statements related to the religious beliefs of the Harappan people:

I. The principal deities of men and women were Pashupati and Mother Goddess who were worshiped in idols.
II. Nature worship was prominent in Harappa.

Select the correct option:

  • only I
  • II only
  • Both I & II
  • none of the above

Answer: 4

Question. Which of the following tax is related to sales tax and purchase tax during the Gupta period?

  • hypothesized
  • Halivar / Halidanda
  • Bali
  • morning

Answer 1

Question. Who discovered zero?

  • varahamihira
  • Aryabhata
  • Bhaskar
  • none of these

Answer : ?

What would be the correct answer to this question? Do give us your answer in the comment section.

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