RRB Group D GS Practice Set 14 (MCQ)

RRB Group D General Science (GS) Practice Set 14 : Indian Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) has started the recruitment process for Group D posts. There is a provision to complete this examination in several phases, and the first phase examination will be conducted from August 17, 2022 to August 25, 2022. It is worth mentioning that now the candidate will have to give only one examination and on the basis of that the candidates will be selected and the vacant posts will be filled.

In such a situation, 25 important questions and answers of General Science related to Group D exam have been included in front of you through this article. Practice these questions before going to the exam and strengthen your preparation.

RRB Group D General Science (GS) Practice Set 14
RRB Group D General Science (GS) Practice Set 14

RRB Group D General Science (GS) Practice Set 14

Question. The defect of vision caused due to uneven curvature of the cornea in different conditions is called

  • myopia
  • short sightedness
  • farsightedness
  • astigmatism

Answer: 4

Question. Milk is destroyed by pasteurization-

  • Vitamins content
  • protein fraction
  • pathogenic bacteria
  • fat content

Answer; 3

Question. affects DNA synthesis

  • auxin
  • Hydrogen
  • cytokinins
  • gibberellin

Answer: 3

Question. The minimum distance of clear vision for a healthy human being is

  • 250 cm
  • 50 cm
  • 25 cm
  • infinite

Answer: 3

Question. What are the laws governing the flow of energy in an ecosystem?

  • first law of thermodynamics
  • second law of thermodynamics
  • planck’s law
  • Kirchhoff’s law

Answer 1

Question. Which of the following originated first?

  • RNA
  • DNA
  • both DNA and RNA
  • eukaryotic cell

Answer 1

Question. Coffee, spinach, curry and tea present in our food mostly provide us which of the following elements in the form of food?

  • chloride
  • sodium
  • fluoride
  • Iodine

Answer: 3

Question. Which gas is produced in “sludge digestion”?

  • nitrogen
  • CO
  • methane
  • ammonia

Answer: 3

Question. Which of the following radioisotopes has the greatest half-life?

  • Rn
  • Pb²¹⁰
  • Ti²¹⁰
  • Bj²¹⁰

Answer: 2

Question. A ball is thrown upwards with a speed of 30 m/s. What will be the magnitude of its displacement after 4s? (Assume g = 10m/s²)

Answer: 2

Question. Algae bloom is an indicator of which of the following?

  • water pollution due to malnutrition
  • water pollution due to pesticides
  • pollution due to heavy metals
  • global warming in equatorial regions

Answer 1

Question. Phosphorus is present in the group of periodic table-

  • sixth
  • fifth
  • fourth
  • Zero

Answer: 2

Question. Find the total number of electrons in CO2.

Answer: 2

Question. In AB blood group—

  • antigens do not live
  • Antibodies do not live
  • Neither antigens nor antibodies are found.
  • Both antigen and antibody are found

Answer: 2

Question. Dalton’s Atomic Doctrine provides an explanation for which of the following?

  • Conservation of mass and law of definite proportions
  • Chemical combination and the law of definite proportions
  • Law of definite proportions and chemical combination
  • Law of Conservation of Mass and Chemical Combination

Answer 1

Question. The atomic numbers of elements A and B are 9 and 12, combine to form-

  • with BA formula
  • BA2 Formulated
  • with BA3 formula
  • with B2A formula

Answer: 2

Question. What is the deficiency of Brown Heart disease?

  • potassium
  • molybdinum
  • Iron
  • boron

Answer: 4

Question. The oxidation number of oxygen in OF2 is

Answer 1

Question. Cl2 a

  • is an oxidising agent
  • is deductible
  • displays both properties
  • none of these

Answer 1

Question. When glowing solids are heated at high temperature, it is obtained

  • line alphabet
  • bar chart
  • continuous color board
  • none of these

Answer: 3

Question. A proton is accelerated through a 2 volt potential difference, then the energy gained by it will be

Answer: 2

Question. When a test charge is brought from infinity to perpendicular to an electric dipole, the work done is

  • negative
  • positive
  • Zero
  • none of these

Answer: 3

Question. A constant electric current flows through a metal conductor of unequal section. A constant amount/amounts along the length of the conductor is

  • Electric Current Electric Field and Traction Velocity
  • follow velocity only
  • Electric current and follow velocity
  • electric current only

Answer: 4

Question. What is the name of the pixels visible on the monitor screen?

  • refresh rate
  • color depth
  • viewing size
  • resolution

Answer: 4

Question. According to Newton, the speed of light

  • there is more in water than in air
  • less in water than in air
  • same in both air and water
  • It is more in vacuum than in water.

Answer: ??

What would be the correct answer to this question? Do give us your answer in the comment section.

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