RRB Group D GS Practice Set 26

RRB Group D General Science (GS) Practice Set 26 : Indian Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) has started the recruitment process for Group D posts. There is a provision to complete this exam in several stages. The first phase examination has been completed and the second phase examination will start from today and will continue till 08 September. Its admit card (admit card) has also been issued.

In such a situation, 25 important questions and answers of General Science related to Group D exam have been included in front of you through this article. Practice these questions before going to the exam and strengthen your preparation.

RRB Group D General Science (GS) Practice Set 26
RRB Group D General Science (GS) Practice Set 26

RRB Group D General Science (GS) Practice Set 26

Question. The atomic mass of carbon is 12. The number of molecules in 24g of carbon will be

Answer: 3

Question. The mean free path of the molecules of gases is proportional to

  • of pressure
  • of heat
  • of volume
  • of density

Answer: 2

Question. Of objects falling freely in the void—

  • same speed.
  • have the same velocity
  • have the same acceleration
  • have the same force

Answer: 3

Question. A body is dropped from a tower with zero velocity. After 4 seconds it reaches the ground, then what will be the height of the tower?

  • 80 meters
  • 20 meters
  • 160 meters
  • 40 meters

Answer 1

Question. If the length of the pendulum is doubled, what will be the effect on its time period?

  • it will also double
  • it will be 1/4
  • it will become 2 times
  • it won’t change

Answer: 3

Question. With the help of which the purity of a metal can be determined?

  • pascal rule
  • boyle’s law
  • Archimedes’ principle
  • principle of conservation of mass

Answer: 3

Question. The external force acting on an object that causes a change in the size or shape of the object or both is called?

  • deforming force
  • elasticity
  • elastic limit
  • elasticity fatigue

Answer 1

Question. To show the phenomenon of interference we need two sources, which emit radiation?

  • same frequency and fixed time
  • almost the same frequency
  • of different wavelengths
  • of the same frequency

Answer 1

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Question. Cholesterol is-

  • type of foliage
  • compound of chloroform
  • fatty alcohol present in animal fat
  • chromium salts

Answer: 3

Question. Which of the following is the highest in spinach leaves?

  • Vitamins
  • Iron
  • fat
  • Carbohydrate

Answer: 2

Question. Which one of the following vitamins helps in remembering a dream for a sufficient period of time?

Answer: 3

Question. FM broadcasting band takes place between ……..?

  • HF range
  • VHF range
  • UHF range
  • all of the above

Answer: 2

Question. The basic principle of operation of battery is-

  • acid based interactions
  • Dialysis
  • galvanic isolation
  • metabolism

Answer: 3

Question. Which one is not suitable for CT scan?

  • Combines multiple X-ray images.
  • Scanning is often painful.
  • Generates 3-D cross-sectional views.
  • Identifies normal and abnormal structures

Answer: 2

Question. The theory of “Blackhall” was propounded by—

  • CV Raman
  • HJ Bhabha
  • S. Chandrashekhar
  • H Khurana

Answer: 3

Question. The inclination of curves on a road or rail circuit is given to provide

  • centripetal force
  • sub-central force
  • centrifugal force
  • angular velocity

Answer 1

Question. If the velocity of the projectile is doubled, then its range-

  • will be four times
  • will remain the same
  • will be half
  • will double

Answer 1

Question. food chain consisting of grass, goat and human

  • Grass > Goat > Human
  • Grass > Human > Goat
  • Human > Goat > Grass
  • none of these

Answer 1

Question. Who propounded the “Law of Inheritance”?

  • Gregor Johann Mendel
  • Charles Darwin
  • lamarck
  • Watson and Crick

Answer 1

Question. The reason for the origin of organisms responsible for Kala-azar is

  • transverse gamete fission
  • downward gamete fission
  • multiplier fragmentation
  • linear gamete fission

Answer: 2

Question. Newton’s laws of motion apply when the nature of matter is

  • particle nature
  • wave nature
  • Dual nature and wave nature together
  • none of these

Answer 1

Question. Name the force which results in direct compound contact between two mutually effective objects.

  • contact force
  • muscular force
  • mechanical force
  • Frictional force

Answer 1

Question. What is the reproductive organ of angiosperms?

  • branch nodes
  • original rom
  • flower
  • fruit

Answer: 3

Question. Which of the following has the thinnest skin?

  • brain cell
  • conjunctiva
  • Liver
  • Heart

Answer: 2

Question. Causes of baldness with aging

  • decreased blood flow
  • protein deficiency
  • increased blood flow
  • lack of carbohydrates

Answer: ?

What would be the correct answer to this question? Do give us your answer in the comment section.

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