RRB Group D GS Practice Set 28

RRB Group D General Science (GS) Practice Set 28 : Indian Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) has started the recruitment process for Group D posts. There is a provision to complete this exam in several stages. The first phase examination has been completed and the second phase examination will start from 26 August and will continue till 08 September. Its admit card (admit card) has also been issued.

In such a situation, 25 important questions and answers of General Science related to Group D exam have been included in front of you through this article. Practice these questions before going to the exam and strengthen your preparation.

RRB Group D General Science (GS) Practice Set 28
RRB Group D General Science (GS) Practice Set 28

RRB Group D General Science (GS) Practice Set 28

Question. When the object is placed at the center of curvature of a concave mirror, the size of the image is

  • increased
  • reduced
  • same as object
  • point shaped

Answer: 3

Question. For the protection and conservation of endangered or rare species, they are called to move them from their natural habitat to some other area.

  • Ex-Situ Protection
  • In Situ Protection
  • Exile Protection
  • Protected (Escaped) Protection

Answer 1

Question. The first electronic computer built by Eckert and Muchli in 1946 was-

  • eneac
  • abc
  • Abacus
  • none of these

Answer 1

Question. Electric current does not flow between two charged objects connected to each other, if they are—

  • on equal footing
  • at the same resistivity
  • on equal holding
  • at the same potential

Answer: 4

Question. Which of the following is not an electronic configuration of a non-metal?

  • 2, 8, 6
  • 2, 8, 7
  • 2, 8, 4
  • 2, 8, 5

Answer: 3

Question. Cache memory works between?

  • CPU and RAM
  • CPU and ROM
  • RAM and ROM
  • CPU and Hard Disk

Answer 1

Question. The force of attraction between two bodies is 1/9F. Then what will be the distance between these two bodies?

  • equal
  • Zero
  • three times
  • doubled

Answer: 3

Question. What is the process of writing to an optical disc?

  • ripping
  • fetching
  • scanning
  • burning

Answer: 4

Question. Which of the following statements most correctly explains that the diffraction of sound is more likely than the diffraction of light under most circumstances?

  • A medium is required for the transmission of sound.
  • Sound waves are longitudinal whereas light waves are transverse.
  • The wavelength of light is much shorter than that of sound.
  • The speed of sound is less than the order of magnitude-6 less than the speed of light.

Answer: 3

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Question. The speed of sound at 0°C is 330 m/s, then the speed of sound at 60°C will be –

  • 0.61m/s
  • 360m/s
  • 353m/s
  • 366m/s

Answer: 4

Question. The harmful effects of which of the following insecticides came to the notice of the media while promoting health issues in Kerala?

  • Endosulfan
  • Lethal
  • Thimet
  • Monocil

Answer 1

Question. Who is the author of Pancha-siddhantika, Brihatsamhita and Sankhya-siddhanta?

  • Aryabhata
  • Brahmagupta
  • Bhaskaracharya
  • varahamihira

Answer: 4

Question. If two systems are in different thermal equilibrium with another system, they will be in thermal equilibrium with each other. Which law of thermodynamics is this?

  • zero order rule
  • second law
  • first rule
  • none of these

Answer 1

Question. Each light source transmits waves through an imaginary medium called ether. Which principle is this?

  • particle theory of light
  • Huygens’ wave theory
  • Maxwell’s electromagnetic theory
  • quantum theory of light

Answer: 2

Question. What is the scientific analysis and study of the interactions between organisms and the environment called?

  • Ecology
  • Microbiology
  • Entomology
  • Ornithology

Answer 1

Question. What is AESTIVATION?

  • death due to lack of food
  • animal sleep
  • water retention
  • a stage in dreaming

Answer: 2

Question. Cinnamon is obtained from which part of the tree?

  • Leaf
  • Trunk
  • Root
  • bark

Answer: 4

Question. Which alloy is used to make aircraft parts?

  • german silver
  • Taka
  • monal metal
  • duralumin

Answer: 4

Question. The potential difference is 12V and the work done is 60J. Find the electric charge flowing through the circuit.

Answer: 2

Question. coagulation enzyme

  • renin
  • pepsin
  • resins
  • citrate

Answer 1

Question. Litmus is obtained by-

  • from a bacterium
  • from a fungus
  • from a lichen
  • from an algae

Answer: 3

Question. How many electrons are there in Na+?

Answer: 2

Question. What is the correct order of atomic sizes of the elements O, S and Se?

  • O > S > Se
  • S > O > Se
  • Se > 0 > S
  • Se > S > 0

Answer: 4

Question. An electric iron of 1250 W is used for 3h per day. The amount of energy used by that electric iron in a day is ……. The unit will be

Answer: 4

Question. One disease symptom commonly seen in a person suffering from dengue is

  • Significant decrease in the number of RBCs
  • Significant decrease in the number of WBCs
  • Significant decrease in platelet count
  • Significant increase in platelet count

Answer: ?

What would be the correct answer to this question? Do give us your answer in the comment section.

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