RRB Group D GS Practice Set 29

RRB Group D General Science (GS) Practice Set 29 : Indian Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) has started the recruitment process for Group D posts. There is a provision to complete this exam in several stages. The first phase examination has been completed and the second phase examination will start from 26 August and will continue till 08 September. Its admit card (admit card) has also been issued.

In such a situation, 25 important questions and answers of General Science related to Group D exam have been included in front of you through this article. Practice these questions before going to the exam and strengthen your preparation.

RRB Group D General Science (GS) Practice Set 29
RRB Group D General Science (GS) Practice Set 29

RRB Group D General Science (GS) Practice Set 29

Question. The work done in two points with a potential difference of 10 V is 30 J, then the electric charge flowing between the two points will be ……….

  • 3 ohm
  • 3 amperes
  • 3 joules
  • 3 coulombs

Answer: 4

Question. Two steel balls of mass 5 kg and 10 kg have same kinetic energies. If so, which ball is moving faster?

  • Kinetic energy does not depend on the speed of the system.
  • A 5 kg ball is moving fast.
  • Both the balls are moving with the same speed.
  • A 10 kg ball is moving fast.

Answer: 2

Question. According to Newlands law of octaves ………. Which is similar in properties to cobalt and nickel, kept far away from these elements.

Answer: 2

Question. If the resistance of the bulb filament is 500 ohms, how much current will flow through the electric bulb of 220 V source?

Answer: 3

Question. Who discovered the meson particle?

  • Dr. H. Yukawa
  • Max Planck
  • Dr. Davis Gower
  • Heisenberg

Answer 1

Question. The speed of a car varies from 20 km/h to 50 km/h in 10 seconds, what is its acceleration?

  • 30 m/s
  • 18 m/s
  • 3 m/s
  • 0.83 m/s

Answer: 4

Question. work done on something depends on

  • on displacement
  • at the angle between the force and the displacement
  • on the force used
  • All of the above

Answer: 4

Question. Zn and Hg are placed in which of the following sub-groups of the periodic table?

Answer: 3

Question. A 5Ω resistor is producing 50J of heat every second. the potential difference across the resistor is

Answer: 3

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Question. Plasma protein that makes antibodies is-

  • prothrombin
  • gamma globin
  • globin
  • fibrinogen

Answer: 2

Question. How many moles are there in 30 gm of water (H2O)?

Answer: 3

Question. Which poisonous gas is formed when a bottle of chloroform is kept in sunlight?

  • carbon dioxide
  • fluorine
  • phosgene
  • All of the above

Answer: 3

Question. Which of the following statement is true?

  • The loss of protons in an atom during a reduction reaction is
  • Protons are released in the atom during reduction reaction
  • The loss of electrons in an atom during a reduction reaction is
  • During an oxidation reaction, electrons are released into the atom.

Answer: 4

Question. Formalin is an aqueous solution

  • of methanol
  • of ethanol
  • of nitric acid
  • of fructose

Answer 1

Question. At which of the following places is the element Hafnium of the Hf symbol given?

  • Germany
  • Copenhagen
  • Sweden
  • France

Answer: 2

Question. The amount of O2 taken in at one go in normal respiration in cc is

Answer 1

Question. What is the concentration of CO2 in our atmosphere at present?

  • ~220ppm
  • ~390 ppm
  • ~280ppm
  • ~ 360ppm

Answer: 2

Question. Which element is abundant in the human body?

  • Carbon
  • Iron
  • nitrogen
  • oxygen

Answer: 4

Question. When the object is placed at ……, no image will be formed in the converging lens.

  • Optical center
  • Twice the Focal Length
  • More than twice the Focal Length
  • Before the Focal Point

Answer 1

Question. What is SeriCram related to?

  • Liver
  • Heart
  • Brain
  • pulse

Answer: 3

Question. What is the difference between an Aardvark and an Aardwolf?

  • The earth boar is a carnivore and the earthworm is a herbivorous
  • The ground hog looks like a pig and the geese looks like a hyena
  • The ground boar is an amphibian and the ground wolf is a mountain wolf.
  • The ground pig is a vegetarian and the ground tree is an insectivore.

Answer: 2

Question. Which gas is filled in seasonal balloons?

  • nitrogen
  • helium
  • hydrogen
  • Wind

Answer: 2

Question. Vitamin A is stored in the human body in—

  • in the liver
  • in the stomach
  • in the spleen
  • in the abdomen

Answer 1

Question. What is Geotropism?

  • Plant growth as a response to gravity
  • Plant growth as a response to sunlight
  • Plant growth as a response to nutrients
  • Plant growth in response to water

Answer 1

Question. The word cancer is derived from the Greek carcinos which means-

Answer: 3

What would be the correct answer to this question? Do give us your answer in the comment section.

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