RRC Group D Phase 2 Biology Practice Set 04

RRC Group D Phase 2 Exam Biology Practice Set 04 : Indian Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) has started the recruitment process for Group D posts and Phase 1 exam has been conducted from 17 August to 25 August 2022 and Phase 2 will be conducted from 26 August to 08 September. This examination is being organized by the commission in 3 shifts.

In such a situation, today we have brought important questions of biology for Phase 2 exam on the basis of questions asked in Group D Phase 1 exam through this article, all the candidates who are enrolled for Phase 2 exam, all those candidates are good in the exam. Must go through this practice set to get marks.

RRC Group D Phase 2 Exam Biology Practice Set 04
RRC Group D Phase 2 Exam Biology Practice Set 04

RRC Group D Phase 2 Exam Biology Practice Set 04 (20 Important Questions)

Question. interstitial meristems are found

  • on top of growing stems
  • in the upper part of the growing roots
  • under the leaves
  • on the upper part of the growing leaves

Answer: 3

Question. Which of the following tissue pair constitutes the vascular bundle?

  • soft tissue
  • xylem and phloem
  • hard tissue and phloem
  • hard tissue and xylem

Answer: 2

Question. There are three types of simple permanent tissues.

  • Parenchyma, Companion Cell and Sclerenchyma
  • Parenchyma Collenchyma and Meristem
  • Parenchyma, Collenchyma and Sclerenchyma
  • Phloem, Collenchyma and Sclerenchyma

Answer: 3

Question. The most abundant element present in plants is?

  • Iron
  • Carbon
  • nitrogen
  • manganese

Answer: 2

Question. What is the main part of the human body made up of?

  • plasma
  • fat
  • protein
  • Water

Answer: 4

Question. The theory of evolution tells us, how life evolved from simple to more complex forms.

  • lamarck
  • Darwin
  • mendel
  • Wallace

Answer: 2

Question. Which of the following is an egg laying mammal?

  • rabbit
  • kangaroo
  • platypus
  • Duck

Answer: 3

Question. Who suggested that life was simple inorganic
(abiotic) molecules evolved from?

  • died
  • Darwin
  • Haldane
  • mendel

Answer: 3

Question. Provides evidence of evolutionary relationships.

  • fossil
  • river bed
  • sea ​​floor
  • rock

Answer 1

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Question. A female gamete contains chromosomes.

Answer: 3

Question. Unfertilized eggs of humans contain?

  • XX chromosomes
  • XY chromosomes
  • one X chromosome
  • one Y chromosome

Answer: 3

Question. The bile fluid which helps in digesting fat is secreted?

  • from mucous
  • from the pancreas
  • from the stomach
  • from the liver

Answer: 4

Question. What should be given to a player for instant energy?

  • Carbohydrate
  • protein
  • Vitamins
  • fat

Answer 1

Question. Found in human body cells

  • 21 pair of chromosomes
  • 22 pairs of chromosomes
  • 23 pairs of chromosomes
  • 20 pairs of chromosomes

Answer: 3

Question. What type of regeneration can bring more diversity?

  • regeneration
  • reproduction by ovule
  • sexual
  • Mukulan

Answer: 3

Question. Which of the following is not a macro nutrient?

  • fat
  • Carbohydrate
  • amino acids
  • Vitamins

Answer: 4

Question. A segment of DNA that contains information about a protein
It is called?

  • lyrical
  • nucleus
  • Jean
  • chromosome

Answer: 3

Question. Which type of tissue contains different types of cells performing similar functions?

  • epidermal tissue
  • complex tissue
  • meristematic tissue
  • nerve tissue

Answer: 2

Question. What is the plant cell wall made of?

  • Cellulose and Pectin
  • muren
  • only pectin
  • chitin

Answer 1

Question. Does it taste like acid?

  • salty
  • Spicy
  • sweet
  • Tart taste

Answer : ?

What would be the correct answer to this question? Do give us your answer in the comment section.

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