RRC Group D Phase 3 Static GK Practice Set 15

RRC Group D Phase 3 Static GK Practice Set 15 : The recruitment process for Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) Group D posts to be conducted by Railways has been started and Phase 1 and Phase 2 examination has been concluded and Phase 3 will be conducted from 08 September to 19 September. And all the candidates who are going to take part in this exam, they should prepare well so that they can score good marks in the exam.

In such a situation, today, through this article, we have come up with solutions to the important questions of Static GK being asked in Railway Group D examinations with answers and these questions will prove to be very beneficial for Group D examination conducted by Railways, so students should study these questions. Do do it to understand the level of questions asked in the exam and to assess yourself.

RRC Group D Phase 3 Static GK Practice Set 15
RRC Group D Phase 3 Static GK Practice Set 15

RRC Group D Phase 3 Static GK Practice Set 15 (25 Important Q&A)

Question. Which of the following is not easily oxidised (burns) at high temperature?

  • Insulator
  • Alloy
  • semiconductor
  • good conductor

Answer: 2

Question. Substances whose odor changes in acidic or alkaline medium are called ……. is called

  • prana (olifactory) indicator
  • synthetic indicator
  • natural pointer
  • acid-base indicator

Answer 1

Question. Which of the following is not a simple permanent tissue?

  • apex meristem
  • xylem
  • collenchyma
  • cabium

Answer: 2

Question. An object starts moving from its stationary state. It attains a speed of 5m/s in 2 seconds. What will be its acceleration?

  • 1m/s
  • 2m/s
  • 2.5m/s
  • 0.4m/s²

Answer: 3

Question. Which of the following group is not included in the ‘5 Kingdom Classification’ propounded by Whittaker?

  • protozoa
  • protista
  • emilia
  • Fungi

Answer 1

Question. Who invented the mobile phone?

  • John Lloyd Wright
  • joseph wilson
  • Martin Cooper
  • Edwin Lund

Answer: 3

Question. How many astronauts have walked the moon?

Answer: 4

Question. Which of the following options represents the number of pixels per inch printed on a page?

  • print margin
  • resolution
  • filter
  • color twist

Answer: 2

Question. A 10 kg object is moving with a speed of 5m/s. The kinetic energy of the object will be.

Answer: 4

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Question. Which of the following is not true about diffusion?

  • Diffusion is possible only when the particles of matter are in constant motion
  • The rate of diffusion of gases is higher than that of solids and liquids.
  • The rate of diffusion of gases depends on their volume.
  • In diffusion particles move from higher concentration to lower concentration.

Answer: 3

Question. What is a lemur?

  • a bone in the human body
  • a type of cancer development
  • a simple machine
  • an animal found in madagascar

Answer: 4

Question. Which of the following particles have a positive charge?

  • neutron
  • proton
  • electron
  • krypton

Answer: 2

Question. Free falling is possible only in ……….

  • atmosphere
  • Wind
  • Sea
  • Vacuum

Answer: 4

Question. How is ‘Shakti’ defined?

  • applied force to increase load
  • rate of work or rate of transfer of energy
  • work done in one minute
  • work done in energy transfer

Answer: 2

Question. Who was the first Viceroy of India?

  • lord wellesley
  • William Bentinck
  • lord canning
  • robert clive

Answer: 3

Question. Which of the following is not essential for photosynthesis?

  • chlorophyll
  • sunlight
  • carbon dioxide
  • oxygen

Answer: 4

Question. Which is the youngest mountain in India?

  • Satpura
  • Anamudi
  • mount abu
  • Himalaya

Answer: 4

Question. India is the largest producer, consumer and importer of ………..

  • Lentils
  • Jute
  • salt
  • Sugar

Answer 1

Question. The melting point of tungsten is .

  • 3,380°C
  • 3,308°C
  • 3,083°C
  • 3,830°C

Answer 1

Question. Who sacrificed his life in the Khejadli movement?

  • Padmini Devi
  • Karma Devi
  • Meena Devi
  • Amrita Devi

Answer: 4

Question. Which of the following is the largest man-made freshwater lake in Rajasthan?

  • Pichola
  • jaisamand
  • Fatehsagar
  • Rajsamand

Answer: 2

Question. Income Declaration Scheme was launched in the year by the Income Tax Department of the Government of India.

Answer: 2

Question. Apple introduced the iPad as a multimedia device in the year ……..

Answer: 3

Question. Aan San Suu Kyi, who is often in the news, is related to which country?

  • Bangladesh
  • Iran
  • Bhutan
  • myanmar

Answer: 4

Question. Who wrote ‘Vande Mataram’ in the book ‘Anand Math’?

  • Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
  • Vyomeshchandra Banerjee
  • Vipin Chandra Pal
  • Rabindranath tagore

Answer : ?

What would be the correct answer to this question? Do give us your answer in the comment section.

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