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RRB Group D Science Light Related MCQs : Indian Railway Recruitment Board will conduct the first phase examination of Railway Group D from August 17 to August 25 and the second phase examination will run from August 26 to September 8. If you also want to do government job in railway and are going to appear in this exam.

So here we have come up with some interesting questions related to light, an important topic asked under general science. Which are going to be very useful for you in the exam, you must study these questions once before appearing in the exam. So that you can get success in the exam with good marks.

RRB Group D Science Light Related MCQs
RRB Group D Science Light Related MCQs

Important General Science Questions for Railway Group D Exam

Question. Convex mirror is used for?

  • rearview mirrors in vehicles
  • glass windows
  • makeup mirror
  • Telescope

Answer 1

Question. The radius of curvature of a concave mirror is 30 cm. Following the Cartesian sign convention, its focal length is expressed as:

Answer 1

Question. The image formed by a plane mirror is always ……….

  • real and straight
  • virtual and erect
  • real and inverse
  • Virtually and Laterally Inverted

Answer: 2

Question. When light is incident on a shiny surface, the phenomenon of reflection takes place.

  • Irregular
  • diffused
  • Regular
  • General

Answer: 4

Question. …… is used in yellow light street light?

  • neon
  • nitrogen
  • Phosphorus
  • sodium

Answer: 4

Question. Astronauts see the sky from a spaceship.

  • black
  • Blue
  • orange
  • red

Answer 1

Question. In which year did Ole Römer measure the speed of light for the first time in history?

Answer: 2

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Question. The objects which produce their own light are called

  • transparent objects
  • clear objects
  • non-luminous objects
  • shiny objects

Answer: 4

Question. How is the refractive index of a substance related to the speed of light in air?

  • refractive index = speed of light in air speed of light in matter
  • refractive index speed of light in air + speed of light in matter
  • Refractive index speed of light in matter / speed of light in air
  • Refractive index speed of light in air / speed of light in matter

Answer: 4

Question. Who can split sunlight into its constituent colours?

  • refraction
  • Reflection
  • Prism
  • radiation

Answer: 3

Question. The deviation angle is the least.

  • purple
  • yellow
  • Blue
  • red

Answer: 4

Question. Who gave the quantum theory of light?

  • Einstein
  • plank
  • newton
  • faraday

Answer: 2

Question. In which of the following medium the speed of light is maximum?

  • Air
  • vacuum
  • Water
  • glass

Answer: 2

Question. Tyndall effect is related to……

  • Reflection
  • scatter
  • Spread
  • refraction

Answer: 2

Question. What is the substance through which light can pass?

  • translucent
  • OPAC
  • transparent
  • glass of

Answer: 3

Question. Which color has the longest wavelength?

  • red
  • Violet
  • green
  • pink

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