AMC Class Action Settlement 2024 Amount, Claim Process, Eligibility Status

AMC VPPA Settlement

amc class action lawsuit The allegations center on AMC Networks Inc. for wrongly disclosing users' personally identifiable information to third-party tracking companies without their consent. Claimed to have violated this Act Video Privacy Protection Act (VPPA)A law designed to protect consumer privacy regarding video rentals and viewing records. The lawsuit claims that AMC Networks used … Read more

Are You Ready for a 63.4% Bigger Social Security Check? This is What You Need to Know

At a time when the cost of living is exceeding income growth, millions of Americans who depend on social Security They find themselves at a critical juncture for their livelihood. The recent unveiling of a report advocating 63.4% increase in social security The benefits have sparked an important conversation about the sustainability and adequacy of … Read more